who we are

North City Presbyterian Church is a group of believers in Jesus Christ who sincerely desire to glorify God and enjoy Him forever in all that we do. We are committed to faithfully proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we desire to help individuals and families worship God, live in community and serve our world with the good news of forgiveness through faith in Jesus Christ.

We are a family of forgiven sinners who are saved by grace alone, not by our works. As people who have received such amazing, undeserved, love from God we wish to extend His grace outward in service to the family of God and the world around us. We would love to have you join us as we seek to live out the truths of the gospel with one another.

Our desire is to glorify God by being a healthy biblical church that makes fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ by winning, building and sending disciples, making a local and worldwide impact for Christ’s kingdom.


Worship God, Live in Community, Serve our World is not just our church's mission statement; it is a biblically driven, Gospel focused overview of the Christian life and the process of discipleship. A growing, healthy Christian is someone who is marked by these things. We also affirm that each of these three areas necessarily leads to the other. As we worship God, we do so in community with other Christians. As we worship God and live in community together, our focus begins to shift away from self to serving the world around us both at NCPC and beyond. At NCPC we strive to form all our ministries around these central values.